Water Bath Rectangular

Thermostatically Controlled

CAT No. VE/LAB/00003


Water bath are double walled inside made of heavy gauge brass/ coppers heavenly tinned from inside and outer body of mild steel.

The gap of 1″ between two wall is fitted with glass wool as insulation to protect loss of heat. The cover of the bath is made of brass/copper with concentric of 75mm dia, which are nicely chromium plated.


The bath has U shaped immersion type heater, which is extended to the full length of the bath in order to maintain equal and uniform temperature.

Temperature Control

The temperature is controlled up to 100°C with an accuracy of + 0.5°C.


The bath is painted in blued white stoved enamel paint with a coloured panel.

Normal Equipments

The panel has an on off switch. Two light and a thermostat. It is also provided with a drain cork plug and cord to work on 220/30 Volts A/C.

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