Company Profile


Our company, Premium Australasia is a General Trading company of Dubai established in the year 2004. We are associated to a reputed Western Australian company, SUNPALM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, Trading as Premium Plastics and Langley Fertilizers. Western Australia’s Largest manufacturer and supplier of Nursery and garden products.

Premium Plastics, is a home of the world famous, award winning ‘Easi-Lift’ planter bags and a huge range of innovative products for the horticulture industry. As the old saying goes, ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery’, and so it has proved with our ‘Easi-Lift’ planter bags. There are a number of rival planter bags in the market, some even using similar sounding names to our Easi-Lift bags and others also using the exact same pictures that have appeared on our brochures for many years! So if your business deserves the best in Planter bags, remember there is only one Easi-Lift and it is only available from Premium Plastics or our reputed distributors. Please contact Premium Plastics for a distributor near you. There is no other planter bag in Australia and possibly the world, which has stood the test of time like Easi-Lift.

Premium Plastics, is Western Australia’s largest source of Nursery and Garden Supplies, From a full range of production planter pots to seedling trays to spray stakes to fertilizers and Easi-Tie tree ties, possibly the best tree ties in the world! just browse our website and see our huge range of products! We pride ourselves on service, just ask any of our customers! So, whatever your nursery or garden centre requires, we probably have what you need.

Langley Fertilizers is a strategic business unit of SUNPALM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, a major manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of quality products related to nursery, horticulture, forestry, landscape, agriculture and garden industry. Sunpalm Australia acquired the fertilizer division of Langley Australia Pty ltd in Nov 2007 and since then is striving in developing technical capabilities to develop and manufacture cost effective products for our valued customers.

Langley Australia’s long history of technical innovation, its reputation for quality products have enabled Sunpalm Australia to maintain leadership in its markets while catering to the needs of growers by facilitating them with indigenous, effective and environmental friendly products. Langley Fertilizers is now the leading producer and supplier of large range of environmental friendly Controlled Release Fertilizers and micronutrients in Australian and overseas markets. Langley Fertilizers use its own proprietary technology for special polymer coating on NPK granules for effective and unique nutrient delivery system.

Disclaimer Note: ‘Easi-Lift’, “Easi-Ties”, ‘Imitation flattery”, Langley Fertilizers, Langley Australia, Sunpalm Australia, Premium Plastics are Names and Trademarks and properties of their respective owners.