Hot Air Oven

Cat No. VE/LAB/00001


Hot Air Oven is double wall designed on memmert pattern. The inner chamber is made of Aluminium /S.S. with grooves to adjust shelves at any convenient height. The gap of 3″ between the two chambers is filled with pure white glass whool to avoid the loss of heat. The door is fitted or heavy chromium plated hinges with a spring and automatic roller to and fro latch made of brass.


Heating elements are made of nickel/chromium plated nichrome wire, which are placed in the ribs at the bottom and sides.

Temperature Control

A precision thermostat to work from 5°C above room temperature to 250°V with an accuracy of ± 1 to 2°V controls the temperature.


Air Ventilator is placed near the top of the sides, which transfer air by gravity convention.

Normal Equipments

The panel, which is below the door, consists of 3-heat switch for low medium and high, two pilot lamps and a thermostat built up in L-Shaped horizontal thermometer, two movable metal shelves, plug and cord to work on 220/30 Volts A/C.

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