Computer Networking


Over the years the ‘Networking’ has become an inseparable part of the ‘Solution’. The design criterion has gone through a revolutionary change that not only calls for implementation of various Network topologies but also indulge convergence of heterogeneous technologies. The paperless office or a virtual office is no more a concept but a reality and according to experts the existing concept of ‘Office’ is poised for a radical change wherein professionals will be operating through ‘Virtual Offices’ and so will be there clients. The convergence of telecommunication and IT are rapidly expanding their gamut to find the right balance to offer a host of services either off- shore or on- shore/near-shore.

The networking services include:

  • Setting up of Local Area Network, Internet, Wifi etc.
  • Network Management
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Security Next Generation Firewalls
  • Backup & Storage