CAT NO. VE/MIC/00008

The microscope is most suitable for group discussion as well as for teaching .

Screen: Grainless Optical true 150mm outer circular dome, 360º rotatable for mounting on microscope

Condenser: A high quality glass condenser in front of screen

Mechanical Tube: Length 160mm


Eyepieces: 10x Huygenian

Objective Achromatic : 5x, 10x, and 40, spring loaded

Nose Piece: Triple revolving nose piece.

Movement : Coarse motion through rack and pinion with precise and accurate fine movement. Fixed square stage 102 x 102 mm.

Transformer: Workable by 12 v 21 Watts, Built in the base.

Mechanical Stage:  Brass

Lamp Assembly:

Fixed lamp, built in base of high illumination with high power condenser and screen it will work as micro view projector.

With lamp, transformer, but without it work as microscope.

The viewing of biological microscope slide is distinct and enlarged. Sharp, clear and evenly illuminated image in full colours, visible to the whole class free of distortion.

Spare for above:  a) Lamp 12 Volts 21 watts           b) Graduated Mechanical Stage.

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