Resonance Apparatus

Cat No. VE/PHY/00158

Cat No. VE/PHY/00158A

Resonance Apparatus, Glass — A glass tube 340 x 25 mm mounted on retort stand with clamp & boss head, with 500 ml glass bulb, connecting tubing & spring clip supported on rubber covered split iron ring.

Cat No. VE/PHY/00158B

Resonance Apparatus — Consists of a resonance tube brass N.P. 100 cms, reservoir brass N.P. 250 ml & meter scale both sides mm which are mounted on wooden polished board. The reservoir is caged in wooden block that has sliding & clamping arrangement on the board. The board is mounted vertically on heavy metal base with synthetic hammer finish with levelling screws. Complete with rubber tubing. 

Cat No. VE/PHY/00158C

Resonance Apparatus, Simple Form — For measuring the resonant length of an air column driven by a tuning fork. Comprises a brass tube 290 x 25 mm dia fixed to a base 150 x 150 x 20 mm with a sliding inner tube 300 mm long which allows the length of the air column to be varied from 350 to 530 mm.

Cat No. VE/PHY/00158D

Resonance Tubes — Comprising two glass tubes, one 300 x 32 mm & the other 300 x 25 mm. The smaller tube slides inside the wider tube in foam plastic collars, allowing the air column length to be varied from 300 to 530 mm.

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