Ripple Tank

Cat No. VE/PHY/00159

Cat No. VE/PHY/00159A

Ripple Tank — A wooden framed tray with sloping position inside to minimise unwanted reflection from the sides of the tank; with perspex plastic base & 4 detachable legs. Size of the tray 650 x 520 x 55 mm. Support rod with ‘G’ clamps are provided for using to carry waves generating system. Four metal barriers ( reflectors ) consisting of a pair of straight barriers 150 x 25 mm chord barrier of 215 mm chord length, 25 mm high & a short straight barrier. Ripples are produced by a small 1.5 to 4.5 V DC electric motor mounted on a 330 mm wooden bar having a row of holes to mount spherical dipper. Complete with 12 V illumination with clamp.

Cat No. VE/PHY/00159B

Dual Purpose Ripple Tank — It is used as a demonstration model with an Overhead Projector. Comprises a steel frame with an acrylic window. The frame is shared to form beaches on all sides to minimise unwanted reflections & fits neatly onto an overhead projector. The undersides of the frame has threaded metal inserts to take the four legs provided enabling the tank to be used as a free standing beach model, if required. Facilities are provided for mounting the ripple tank illuminant for this purpose. A gantry is supplied for supporting a motor beam, the height of which is easily adjustable allowing it to be positioned for maximum effect. Ripples are produced by a small 1.5 to 4.5 V DC motor mounted on the plastic beam of 240 mm length. A standard cam is fitted to the motor spindle to give an oscillatory motion & row of nine holes in the beam are for mounting the spherical dippers for production of circular ripples.

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