CAT NO. VE/PHY/00032

VE/PHY/00032 A

1 Hz to 100 KHz:  Sine, square and triangular waveform short circuit protection. High input impedance amplifier. Output 0-20 volts pk-pk at 50 ohms.
A high power, robust, wide range signal generator providing sine, square and triangular waveforms. An instrument designed for a wide range of applications, with clear front panel layout for easy use.

Technical Data

Frequency range 1 Hz to 100 KHz in five decades and read on linearly calibrated scale.

Accuracy ± 2% on all ranges.

Output sine, square and triangular waveforms.
Amplitude control continuously variable from zero to maximum output.
Attenuator 0.2, 2, 20 Volts.

VE/PHY/00032 B

Signal Generator and Amplifier:  A good quality high performance frequency generator with integral power amplifier.

Output Frequency Range Output: 1 Hz to 110 KHz. 5 switched ranges. Sine, Triangular and Square waveforms.
Outputs : High impedance with 600 ohms constant impedance attenuator.
Low Impedance: Both outputs paired colour coded 4 mm sockets at 19 mm pitch. power 6 W rms into 8 ohms at low impedance output.
Maximum Output: Voltage 14 volts pk-pk typical at high impedance output. Rise time of square wave 1 s (both outputs). All outputs are fully floating and short circuit proof.
Input: Pair of colour coded 4 mm sockets and coaxial socket. Amplifier input impedance 1 Mohm.
Attenuator: 0-20 dB with constant impedance at 600 ohms output.
Controls: Mains switch on amplitude control.
Frequency Control Dial: Range selection 5 positions switch. Attenuator three position switch.
Electrical Protection: Internal 20 mm fuse.

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