Cat No. VE/PHY/00162

Cat No. VE/PHY/00162A

Student Sonometer — Comprising wooden board 690 x 90 mm mounted on four feet, at one end of the box are two 5 kg x 100 gms spring balances with hooks & at the other end are two wrest pins with 3 bridges out of which one is large to span both wires & the other two are small for the individual wires. Complete with steel wires & pins.

Cat No. VE/PHY/00162B

Sonometer — Comprising a hollow wooden box 1140 x 125 x 100 mm with 2 meter rules divided in mm. Two wires of brass & steel attached to fixed bridge & tensioned by fine adjustment pegs. Two movable bridges, pulley & fixed screw to enable a third wire to fixed for tensioning by masses. Complete with two bridges.

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