CAT. No. VE/PHY/00106

VE/PHY/00106 A

Telescope Model, Astronomical: Comprising a convex lens 38 mm diameter & 150 mm focal length, mounted in a plastic tube 400 x 50 mm diameter, & a double convex lens 50 mm diameter & 500mm focal length, mounted in a tube 400 x 55 mm diameter. The smaller tube is located in the large tube my means of foam plastic rings which provide an effective sliding light seal.

VE/PHY/00106 B

Telescope Model, Terrestrial: Same as 108.39 but with plano concave eye piece lens to provide erect image.

VE/PHY/00106 C

Astronomical Telescope: Reflecting type, fitted with about 45 mm dia achromatic objective having focal length of about 450 mm. Focusing is provided by rack & pinion. Complete with carrying case with the metallic three legged folding type tripod stand.

VE/PHY/00106 D

Reading Telescope: Designed for general laboratory work. The telescope is mounted on 18 mm diameter, pillar 450 mm long fitted on a heavy tripod base. The telescope can be rotated both in vertical as well as horizontal plane. It is fitted with 180 mm focus achromatic object with 25 mm clear aperture , 10x ramsden eye piece with cross wire. The telescope is focused by rack & pinion & has a range from one meter to infinity; with perspex scale & its attachment.

VE/PHY/00106 E

Reflecting Telescope: A high quality instrument with a resolving power of 1.5 seconds. The 100 mm (4 inch) diameter, 1000 mm focal length mirror gives relatively more light & less chromatic aberration than an equivalent refractor. Magnifications of upto 250x are obtainable. The telescope has an equatorial mount with hour and declination circle & micro adjustments with flexible connections to avoid vibrations. The whole is mounted on a heavy 1.52 m tripod with an accessory tray. Supplied complete with two interchangeable eye lenses 6 mm & 20 mm, a 2x Barlow lens, sun filter, moon filter, a 5×24 star finder telescope (with mount on main telescope body), a solar aperture cap & an instruction booklet with space & moon maps.

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